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CITEC offers expert guidance so that you can manage change proactively for greater performance and to better insure you achieve the results you expect.

We help you maximize employee performance to meet constantly changing business needs. Our goal is to assist you in identifying opportunities, obstacles and develop manageable solutions that lead to improvements in your overall operational effectiveness.

Expertise to Help Your Company Learn How To Managing Change

Benefits to your company:


Organizations are on the move. Whether it’s adopting a new technology, reaching a new market, or implementing a revised process, organizations must be nimble ... willing to grasp the opportunities at hand.


Introducing Change Management
Organizations create change by introducing projects and initiatives. These changes impact how certain employees do their jobs, requiring them to exhibit new behaviors, use new tools or technologies, or follow new processes. The ability of the project or initiative to deliver intended results and outcomes is intrinsically and inextricably tied to individuals doing their jobs a new way.

Change management is a solution to help you deliver on the results and outcomes you need from your project because of how changes really happen - one individual at a time.


Change Management Process
CITEC uses a change management process developed by Prosci® that is used by companies worldwide. This is a structured process for managing the “people side” of change on any project or initiative. This process is research based, holistic, easy to apply and scalable to the size of the project or initiative. The process includes three phases:

Phase 1 – Preparing for Change
Phase 2 – Managing Change
Phase 3 – Reinforcing Change


Change is uncomfortable, and feared by many in your organization. The smart manager addresses this challenge with specific strategies designed to ensure success of the project or venture you are undertaking. CITEC’s experts will guide you on establishing a repeatable change management system and/or provide on-site facilitation of specific change management projects.


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