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Current Funding Opportunities



CITEC's team of business advisors are ready to help you navigate through the maze of grants and loans. With our connections to regional, State and federal funding sources, we can help connect you to the right program to meet your needs.

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Current Funding Opportunities

Financing Assistance - If you are establishing a new business, expanding an existing business or need a few more dollars for a particular project, we can help you identify the right sources for your unique needs. With our experience in mergers & acquisitions, commercial banking, and our vast knowledge of the funding programs available throughout the North Country region, we will work with you to put together a financing package that not only meets your requirements but also those of the funding organization. Whether it's a bank loan or grant; a bank, an economic development organization, or a state agency -- we can help. We can even help you obtain grant funds to help pay for your company's training needs.

Projections - For existing businesses, we can prepare a complete set of projections using your company's past performance as a guide. Using industry comparables and market research, we can generate projections that every start-up company needs to pursue financing. We generally produce conservative five-year projections that include an income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and ratios.

Business Plans - If you are pursuing additional funding for your business, you are going to have to provide copies of a detailed business plan. You can elect to have us review a business plan you've created and we'll offer recommendations for improvement. Or, we can prepare your complete business plan that begins with a set of projections and market research that will impress any banker.

Financial Analysis - Learn where your company may be able to cut costs or increase sales. We will examine your current financial statements and compare them to other companies in your industry to uncover areas for improvement. Various product lines or company divisions can be analyzed to determine their profitability. And, we will work with you to put in place a strong financial management and control system so you can monitor your company's financial situation and develop reliable budgets and cash forecasts.

Cash Flow Analysis - If you are experiencing a cash flow crunch, we can analyze your situation and find ways to squeeze money out of your operations. Increase the speed and likelihood of collection to improve your accounts receivable credit and collection process with our guidance. We'll help you manage vendor relationships to take advantage of extended payment terms when cash is tight, or consolidate suppliers to increase purchase quantities that result in better pricing. When should you take advantage of volume purchase discounts? Are early payment discounts for your customers a solution? Most importantly, we can improve your operations to reduce inventory and minimize the time interval between paying for supplies and receiving payment for goods sold.

Feasibility Analysis - Before you make any commitments or spend too much money, you should consider conducting a project feasibility analysis. With CITEC's extensive resources, both through the expertise of our own staff and from alliances we've developed across that State and nation, we can complete a comprehensive analysis of your project to determine its feasibility. There may even be funds to help you accomplish the project -- but not if you've already started.

Visit our Current Funding Opportunities page for information on programs that provide funding assistance.

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