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CITEC is your source in Northern New York for the hands-on help you need to be more competitive. Our business experts work with you in the areas of strategic planning, lean enterprise, process improvement, plant layout, funding assistance, marketing, safety, change management, sales, sustainability, human resources, new product development, and more.

Just how much of an impact do companies realize as a result of CITEC assistance?

During the 12 months ending December 31, 2014, 17 CITEC clients were independently surveyed* and reported:

$854,900 in new & retained sales

$1.6-million in costs savings

$17-million in employment value

$1.3-million invested (equipment, systems, workforce)

$78,200 invested in new products & processes

356 new & retained jobs

Total Impacts Quantified By CITEC Clients: $21-million

The impacts reported by CITEC clients since data collection began in 2000:

291 Client Surveys Completed

$108.9-million in new & retained sales

$25.8-million in cost savings

$125.5-million in employment value

$75.6-million invested (equipment, systems, workforce)

$5.4-million (since 3Q2012) invested in new products and processes

2,595 new & retained jobs

Total Impacts Quantified By CITEC Clients since 2000: $332.7-million


*To measure the effectiveness of the services provided by the 350 MEP centers that help America's small- and medium-sized manufacturers, our federal affiliate uses an independent third party organization to conduct client surveys after projects are completed. The results of those surveys demonstrate the impact MEP centers like CITEC have on America’s manufacturers and the national, state, and regional economies. (click here for national results)


Success Stories

Since the early 1980’s, CITEC has been working with organizations in the North Country to decrease costs and increase profits.

We have worked with all types and sizes of industries to identify areas of opportunity, solve problems, improve their economic competitiveness, grow through innovation, and enhance their technological capabilities.

Proven results have included higher profits, savings in time and money, investments in physical and human capital, and the creation and retention of higher-paying manufacturing jobs with good benefits – which combine to significantly enhancing our local, state and national economies.

CITEC is results and impact-driven. As an affiliate of the nationwide Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), a program of the US Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), performance isn’t measured by our financial profits, but the results we are able to help our clients realize.

In addition to impact results reported by the clients we serve, examples of some of the projects we have worked on are included below. You can also search the national database of success stories at the Manufacturing Extension Partnership website.


Hoosier Magnetics

Lean, Energy & Environment (LE2) Assessment Results in Annual Savings of $170,000

Hoosier Magnetics

Hoosier Magnetics manufactures hard ferrite powders. These powders are responsible for improving our quality of life in many ways. Ferrites are important raw materials for electric motors, separators, magnets, starters, sensors, anti-lock braking systems, toys, novelties, weather stripping, pumps, refrigerators, security systems, signage, clocks, computers, copiers, health devices, encoders, automotive sealants/adhesives and other devices worldwide. New applications continue to be discovered. [click for success story]



St. Lawrence County Public Health Department: Lean Team


Public Health Dept Lean Team Succeeds With CITEC GuidanceNicole Wickwire, Susanna Law, Tammy Tracy, Lisa Peters, Sharon MacWilliam, Patricia Olson, Elaine Charleson. (Missing from Photo: Nina Plaisted)

In 20110-11, CITEC provided training and implementation guidance to members of the St. Lawrence County Public Health Department to better understand how to identify waste and reduce it. And, based on feedback from the department head, the results enabled the team to improve the quality and timeliness of the services they provide to patients.

The St. Lawrence County Public Health Department Lean Team was recognized for their efforts by New York State's Department of Health in their "2011 Public Health Works! Honor Roll."

"The Lean Team is a group of eight fiscal staff who are responsible for the billing, payroll, AP and AR in the department. In 2010 we asked them to work with CITEC to review and improve the processes in the department. The team learned how to do Value Stream Mapping and the Kaizen methodology of continuous improvement projects. They presented to the department a number of procedures that will help us improve the quality and timeliness of care that we deliver to our patients. Even after the collaboration ended, the Lean Team has chosen to continue to meet on a regular basis and work on continuous improvement.

"Our department is under tremendous pressure to control costs while maintaining program quality for our constituents. The Lean Team is helping us control costs by increasing efficiency and thereby improving the service that we provide."

Dr. Susan J. Hathaway, Director

St. Lawrence County Department of Public Health




Mold-Rite Plastics

Productivity Improves, Opportunities Identified with 5S Workplace Organization

Mold-Rite Plastics

Mold-Rite Plastics (MRP), located in Plattsburgh, NY is a leading manufacturer of plastic caps, child-resistant closures, vials and jars, primarily for the pharmaceutical, neutraceutical and personal-care markets. MRP has served these markets for 34 years and currently employs 350 people.  [click for success story]




Salerno Plastics Films & Bags

Program Reduces Waste, Improves Productivity & Saves Salerno $250,000

Salerno Plastics Films & Bags

Located in Plattsburgh, NY, Salerno manufactures plastic films and standard and customized plastic bags. Salerno has traditionally served the horticulture, salt, chemical, and insulation markets. They pride themselves on innovation and high end print capabilities to meet new market demands and strive to lead the industry in customer service. They have the capability of providing mono layered films and co- or tri-extrusion processes for extra strength for any bag or film that will meet their customers’ marketing needs. [click for success story]



Nova Bus

Volvo Production System Training Prepares New Operation to Open Smoothly

Nova Bus

Nova Bus is a wholly owned part of Volvo Bus Corp. The new Plattsburgh plant was equipped to assemble the LFS, LFS Hybrid and LFS articulated buses in the price range of $400,000 to $450,000. That increases to $600,000 to $650,000 for the hybrid model. Nova Bus expected to employ 195 colleagues in Plattsburgh by the end of 2009, with as many as 300 by 2012.  [click for success story]




Current Applications, Inc.

$65K Investment in New CNC Milling Machine Saves Much More by Reducing Scrap and Recycling Processing Materials

Current Applications, Inc.

Located in Watertown, NY, Current Applications is a manufacturer of electric motors and motor part sets, including electric motors, universal motors, permanent magnet motors, gear motors, armature and field sets.

With eighty-five (85) years of combined experience in the Electric Motor Industry, they offer their customers high performance electric motors designed for specific applications at competitive prices, regardless of volume. They offer complete motor, gear train and application design service to meet all of their customers’ products needs. All products are built to UL requirements with flexible tooling and fixtures that reduce their setup and production lead times. Several engineers from a larger volume motor manufacturer in the region founded the company in 2000 in order to focus on smaller, niche motor markets. They now have 47 employees.  [click for success story]


Current Applications, Inc.

Lean Layout Improves Move for Current Applications

[click for success story]


Asept Pak, Inc.

Aseptic Packaging Operation Poised to Begin Productive Production in Malone, NY

Asept Pak, Inc.

Asept Pak was a start-up company that wanted to capitalize on the burgeoning demand for aseptic packaging of cosmetics, medical devices, and drugs. Many producers of such products prefer to out-source the packaging of such products to outside contractors. Gary Hanley, an optometrist and inventor located in Franklin County, New York, had been moving towards starting such an operation since 2004.  [click for success story]


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