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Create Capacity. Using our proven continuous improvement model to develop your strategy, leadership and internal Lean expertise.

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To be as competitive as possible and position your organization to grow, you need to implement the most cost-effective way of delivering the highest quality product / service to your customers.

CITEC’s business advisors are able to identify the best opportunities for improvement, based on your specific operation. From there, we can provide the hands-on help necessary to implement those changes, train your employees and/or provide coaching so that you can sustain the benefits.

With your goals as our guide, CITEC will identify, analyze and improve the processes in your organization.

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Create Capacity To Fill With New Opportunities

The real formula for success is to create a culture of continuous improvement that increases productivity to both save you money and free up capacity; then, fill that capacity with new opportunities – such as developing innovative new products and pursuing new customers.

We have an incredible record of providing superior Lean, quality and similar services that focus on allowing you to better meet the needs of your customers. Our proven approach, scaled specifically for smaller companies, serves as a starting point for the operational improvements that will result in company-transforming strategies.

CITEC will help you develop capacity to better serve your current customers and pursue new ones. We will resolve quality issues that are costing you money. And, we will help you grow your business through new product development and identifying new markets to pursue.



Companies who will survive and thrive will be those who focus on getting their customers what they want, when they want it at the quality and price they need. When an organization successfully implements Lean, they are able to produce more with existing resources by eliminating non-value added activities.

CITEC combines training, coaching and implementation projects to help your organization achieve the impacts possible through Lean.  CITEC’s Lean services focus on eliminating non-value-added activities while streamlining its value-added activities. It is a people-oriented approach that empowers a team to take action to achieve improvements. 

The following list offers an introduction into the many Lean tools CITEC delivers through training and implementation projects. To determine the most appropriate program for your organization’s needs, contact a member of our Lean Team.

Lean Assessments   show more/less

Managing Change   show more/less

Lean Leadership: The Foundation for Success   show more/less

Lean Certification Programs   show more/less

$eeing Green: Applying Lean to Reduce Environmental Waste   show more/less

Principles of Lean   show more/less

Value Stream Mapping (VSM)   show more/less

Hoshin Planning   show more/less

5S Workplace Organization   show more/less

Visual Controls   show more/less

Standard Work   show more/less

Cell Design / Cellular Manufacturing   show more/less

Create Connected Process Flows / One-Piece Flow   show more/less

Visual Pull / Kanban   show more/less

Lean Cell Teams   show more/less

Lean Materials Handling   show more/less

Kaizen Improvement Projects   show more/less

Level Production / Heijunka   show more/less

Workforce Flexibility   show more/less

Zero Waste / Continuous Improvement   show more/less

Quick Changeover / SMED   show more/less

Urgency of Material Flow / Making Value Flow   show more/less

Zero Defect Quality (Mistake Proofing and Fail Safing)   show more/less


Lean Office

Waste isn’t just found on a manufacturer’s shop floor. CITEC offers Lean Assessments, Training and implementation projects that specifically address the wastes found outside of the shopfloor. Tremendous opportunities exist in every organization – from hospitals to government – through Lean Office.

Lean organizations produce greater value with higher quality in less time. Once found only in high-performing manufacturing facilities, Lean principles are now being applied in many organizations – even non-manufacturers – to realize tremendous improvements. Lean applied to the office can offer even greater improvements to an organization’s bottom line.

CITEC’s Lean Office services include:

Lean Office Workshop [click for program details]

Lean Office White Belt training [click for program details]

Lean Office Green Belt training [click for program details]

Lean Office Training with Kaizen Implementation [click for program details]

Applying Lean to Office and Administration focuses on the unique application of Lean to an office where processes are not always visible. Using an interactive approach, participants use several tools to learn the best way to see a process, identify waste and how to determine the Lean tools to use to create a more effective administrative organization.

Benefits to your organization: increase operational effectiveness; provide better clarity to job roles and functions; increase process flow; improve productivity and profitability.

Contact CITEC for assistance determining the ideal program for your operation.


Continuous Improvement Programs: Lean Beyond Manufacturing

CITEC has been delivering Lean solutions to companies of all sizes and industry types – applying the principles that have resulted in amazing impacts in decreased costs, increased throughput, improved quality, better on-time delivery results and increased customer satisfaction.

These same tools apply to every type of organization: manufacturing, administrative, services, government and healthcare. The true key is in teaching your employees the tools of Lean, guiding them to identify opportunities for improvement and empowering them to make the changes using as systematic process.

It truly is inspiring and absolutely possible at your organization. Let us show you how …contact a member of our Lean Team today.


Lean Healthcare

Lean Healthcare is the application of lean principles to any/all aspects of healthcare: hospitals, clinics, labs, doctors’ offices, government health care, dentists’ offices, preventive healthcare, etc.

CITEC optimizes core healthcare processes by eliminating the waste that drives up costs. Our solutions help healthcare organizations become Lean and profitable.

By working with health care providers in applying lean, we are able to systemically:

These results, in turn, create increased customer (patient) satisfaction.

CITEC uses a combination approach that includes training in core Lean tools, Value Stream Mapping, improvement project identification / project ranking, facilitation of Kaizen implementation projects, coaching for continuous improvement and leadership / change management.


Lean Government

While applying Lean to government may seem like a new idea, several state environmental agencies and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have actually been achieving significant results using Lean methods since 2003.

Numerous other federal, state, and local government agencies have also turned to Lean to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and transparency of government programs and services. Government agencies are using Lean methods to advance their mission in better, faster and less expensive ways.

Working with government agencies, CITEC’s activities are organized around three key areas: introduction to Lean; Lean implementation events (Kaizens); and, coaching to sustain and build upon the success of Lean activities to realize more improvements in more areas of the agency.

We believe that any organization’s opportunities for true results requires three things:

We identify the best opportunities to launch your Lean efforts to ensure that initial time and resource investments in Lean are highly successful. As some agencies are painfully aware, one or two poorly planned and executed Lean events can sour the agency on Lean and undo past progress. Conversely, a few well-executed Lean events can transform how agency personnel think about what is possible to achieve in terms of excellence in government.

Using that initial focus area, CITEC conducts introductory training on Lean, works with you to identify team members, facilitates Current State and Future State Value Stream Mapping, guides team members to determine and prioritize improvement projects, then trains them in the principles of Kaizen Improvement projects and coaches them through completion of improvement projects.

Whether we are working with a government agency, a hospital or a manufacturer, we know that your employees are the most important resource for making the Lean changes that will make a difference in every organization. We just provide them with the tools and guidance to best use them to make the changes that will improve your organization.

For example, one of CITEC’s clients was a billing department within a county agency. With the support of their department head, the desire of the county to provide improved services without increasing costs, the team of employees was able to identify and complete projects with CITEC’s guidance that resulted in tremendously improved cash flow, reduce paperwork and employee satisfaction was dramatically improved. Best result: other employees and departments asked to be next.

Benefits to your organization: improve cash flow, decreased paperwork, more clients served, improved customer satisfaction, lower costs, increased employee satisfaction.

To get started, contact our Lean Team or register to attend our next Lean Beyond Manufacturing training event. (If a public session is not currently scheduled or convenient, we can also provide this training at your facility … contact us to make arrangements.)

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