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Continuous Improvement Programs: Lean Beyond Manufacturing

CITEC has been delivering Lean solutions to companies of all sizes and industry types – applying the principles that have resulted in amazing impacts in decreased costs, increased throughput, improved quality, better on-time delivery results and increased customer satisfaction.

These same tools apply to every type of organization: manufacturing, administrative, services, government and healthcare. The true key is in teaching your employees the tools of Lean, guiding them to identify opportunities for improvement and empowering them to make the changes using as systematic process.

It truly is inspiring and absolutely possible at your organization. Let us show you how …contact a member of our Lean Team today.

Lean Healthcare

Lean Healthcare is the application of lean principles to any/all aspects of healthcare: hospitals, clinics, labs, doctors’ offices, government health care, dentists’ offices, preventive healthcare, etc.

CITEC optimizes core healthcare processes by eliminating the waste that drives up costs. Our solutions help healthcare organizations become Lean and profitable.

By working with health care providers in applying lean, we are able to systemically:

These results, in turn, create increased customer (patient) satisfaction.

CITEC uses a combination approach that includes training in core Lean tools, Value Stream Mapping, improvement project identification / project ranking, facilitation of Kaizen implementation projects, coaching for continuous improvement and leadership / change management.

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Lean Government

While applying Lean to government may seem like a new idea, several state environmental agencies and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have actually been achieving significant results using Lean methods since 2003.

Numerous other federal, state, and local government agencies have also turned to Lean to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and transparency of government programs and services. Government agencies are using Lean methods to advance their mission in better, faster and less expensive ways.

Working with government agencies, CITEC’s activities are organized around three key areas: introduction to Lean; Lean implementation events (Kaizens); and, coaching to sustain and build upon the success of Lean activities to realize more improvements in more areas of the agency.

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