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$eeing Green: Lean Sustainability Training

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For companies interested in tackling environmental wastes and the costs associated with them, CITEC offers this unique and highly effective training + implementation program. Attendees learn about Lean tools as they apply to the environmental waste stream of every organization AND complete assignments that transfer that knowledge to real action within their companies.

Today, as more and more manufacturers are turning their attention to environmental issues, they are not only finding out that it can be easy to be “green”… it’s also cost effective, too!

CITEC’s in-depth program is based on content developed by a collaboration of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership program (MEP), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and manufacturers of all types and sizes to focus on the best opportunities to improve profitability and global competitiveness while minimizing their environmental impacts.

Impacts realized from this training:

Why Past Participants Recommend This Training:

“Even if you have had Lean training before, this course will enable to you to take a new look at applying it to environmental opportunities and do a much better job in implementing.”

“You will be able to see things differently. It really opened my eyes to opportunities I hadn't seen before. Anyone who attends will learn a great deal and understand how to apply what they learn.”

“This course will really get you started on the right road.”

“It introduced the connection between Lean and the impact it can have on my company’s environmental issues. This course not only gives you the tools to attack environmental impacts but it gives you excellent impacts for justification.”

“The course material and simulations provided a great way to see how we can make improvements. It really opens your eyes to opportunities you would never have considered; and, how saving money can also save the environment and vice versa. A great motivator!

“This course is a great learning experience that has enabled us to make major changes that will improve our company… our work place… and, for that matter, also at home.”

The $eeing Green program will teach you where opportunities exist in your organization to apply Lean and quality tools to reduce environmental wastes and the costs associated with them. More than just learning, you will leave this training with everything you need to make immediate, low (or no cost) improvements immediately, as well as longer term changes for even greater bottom-line impacts.

A cost-neutral training… Not many training courses can claim that! But, attendees of the $eeing Green program are able to recover the costs of the training within three months – often in less time – by applying the improvements they will leave this program with.

Just some of the topics covered during this 6-day, in-depth training:

Classroom sessions feature a combination of expert instruction, simulations and case studies. Attendees will be expected to complete assignments during and at the completion of the course.  

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Seeing Green: Lean Sustainability Program
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