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Marketing Assessments [click for details]

Do you want to improve your company's profitability? Have you achieved the level of prosperity that you want for your company... that your competition is aiming to achieve? You understand that your company needs to make changes in order to remain competitive, profitable and viable. CITEC can help you find and implement those changes through our proven Competitive Marketing Assessment. 

Market Diversification [click for details]

The polar opposite of 'putting all your eggs in one basket' is the idea of diversifying your markets so you can smooth seasonal spikes, fire non-profitable customers and grow your business. With expertise in marketing and sales, CITEC's staff can help you identify where your opportunities lie.

Market Research [click for details]

Are you positive that your product has no competition? Do you understand where the best market opportunities are for your product? Are there partners that can help you fully commercialize your product for optimal results?  Not only do we have experts on staff and an extensive resource network to identify and deliver the market research your business needs ... we also have access to a nationwide network of small- and medium-sized manufacturers through our participating in the federal Manufacturing Partnership Program (MEP). Let CITEC work with you to determine the right research to achieve your goals, deliver the findings to you and guide you on how to use them in order to improve your sales.

Competitive Analysis

The competition you face to keep existing customers or entice new ones isn't as clear as you might think. Our unbiased perspective not only allows you to find out who you are competing against, we can help you understand your positioning against those competitors with your customers. Our hands-on approach will give you the critical competitive intelligence you need to make decisions and we'll teach you how to continuing gathering that information going forward. Contact us today to determine the project that best meets your needs.

Most Valuable Customer Profiling [click for details]

One of the best ways to grow your sales is to identify the key characteristics of your most profitable customers then find more like them! Depending on your specific needs and staffing, you can choose to have CITEC determine your most profitable customer and outline ways for you to pursue similar clients; or, we can conduct a client lead development program on your behalf that will deliver new sales opportunities for you.

Collateral Creation

Ideal for the company that's not quite big enough yet to have a full-time marketing person on staff, CITEC can work with you to determine the ideal promotional materials to focus on your target markets. Our projects have included websites (content development, design and guidance on hosting plans), print brochures and product catalogs, direct mail sales lead development pieces, one-page 'leave-behinds" for your sales reps, in-store display unit designs, advertising, etc. But, first, we'll work with you to assess what you have ... and what you need. Get started by contacting us today.

Customer Care Programs

Don't overlook your current customers when it comes to growing your business!

They can provide you with guidance to develop new products. They can offer important insights into your competition. And, keeping profitable customers is important for your bottom line: each new customer costs you about 5x more than keeping a current customer. Yet most businesses lose up to a third of their customers every year, for a variety of reasons. Don't let them leave because you didn't pay attention to them. CITEC can help you develop the right program for your business to help your keep your customers.

Lost Order Analysis [click for details]

All businesses of every size and type should regularly review the real reasons behind lost orders. You may think price may be the reason you lose a customer ... but, it's hardly ever the ONLY reason. Having an independent review conducted by someone like CITEC at least every few years can uncover opportunities you may be missing. And, often, it helps recover profitable customers who might have felt you weren't paying attention to them before.

Public Relations / Media Programs [click for details]

Successful publicity programs don’t happen over several months. Rather, they consist of regularly reaching your market over a period of years using a variety of sources. CITEC can lay the foundation of a system that can be maintained for the longer haul by mentoring a member of your staff or CITEC can provide publicity services as an extension of your leadership team.

Export Assistance / Global Growth [click for details]

With an experience in working for companies that sell globally, CITEC can help your company grow your business by expanding your markets into new countries. Whether it is training in the essentials of exporting, helping you identify markets to pursue or a complete exporting program, we have the experience and connection to exceptional resources at the State and federal level to help you achieve your growth goals.

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