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Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) concentrates on getting the productivity needed from your current equipment assets by reducing equipment downtime and increasing reliability. "Needed" means high Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) measured over the time you need that equipment to meet daily customer demand. Workshop participants learn a progressive system of preventative, predictive and proactive maintenance. This helps eliminate the “fire-fighting” mode experienced by every company. A combination of classroom, shop floor exercises and on-the-job training will help establish this new approach to equipment maintenance.

Learning Objectives:

      1. Break down maintenance work into the 5 pillars of TPM (Focused Equipment Improvement, Autonomous Maintenance, Planned Maintenance, Maintenance Skills Development, Maintenance Reliability)
      2. List all equipment in each of the 3 Value Streams
      3. Apply the 5 pillars to a maintenance simulation
      4. Apply the 5 pillars to each of the 3 Value Streams
      5. Learn & apply the Operator-Owner Role in TPM (to one piece of equipment)
      6. Learn & apply the Maintainer-Improver Role in TPM (to one piece of equipment)
      7. Learn & apply the Engineer-Innovator Role in TPM (to one piece of equipment)
      8. Measuring TPM via OEE and TEEP
      9. TPM Kaizens (to be put on 90-day Kaizens)

Who Should Attend:

1 day, 8 hours

Total Productive Maintenance is part of an overall Lean Enterprise initiative. Contact a member of our Lean Team -- Eric Myers, Jim Myers or John Pinkerton -- to get started on your Lean Pathway to Success today.

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