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CITEC provides public sessions and on-site training on a variety of topics designed to help North Country organizations achieve improved productivity, efficiency and profitability.

If you are interested in training at your facility, please let us know.

Current training & events:


Value Prop Interactive: Strategic Marketing Program
development series

Value Prop is a series of quarterly workshops for business leaders to understand and apply the growth tactics that will give you the sales & marketing edge you need.

Why It Works

Each participating company sends a team of attendees to quarterly program development working sessions. They will learn about critical marketing concepts that drive growth AND work together to apply those concepts specifically to your business -- all under the guidance of world-class marketing experts.

This isn't theory and case studies. Each quarterly program session results in an actionable strategy for your business to more effectively tackle growth opportunities. We like to think of it as an expertly guided DIY strategic marketing program to more effectively and efficiently grow your business.

Value Prop Program Includes:

  • Participation by three members of the company's leadership team;
  • Five full-training days (includes the "Foundations Workshop" introductory session plus four, in-program training days that each covers at least two core topics*), delivered quarterly;
  • Additional web-based sessions between in-program days;
  • Access to the Accelerator™ Online Strategic Marketing Planning Platform;
  • As well as the course workbook and all related educational materials presented during the course.

*In-program training workshops will cover such important aspects as pricing your products, sales excellence, customer service, branding, social media, etc. Topics vary each quarter and are geared specifically to the attending companies.

Who Should Attend

Firms designate up to three attendees to participate in the program. We strongly recommend owners, executives, and/or senior management - leaders at your firm who can make or recommend marketing strategies to grow your business.


The per company cost to participate in the 12-month program is $7,995 ... which covers the enrollment of three attendees, quarterly program sessions, books, workbooks, videos, online e-learning and collaborative platform, curriculum and highly-skilled faculty.

Enrollment is offered on a rolling basis. Get your business registered for the next session -- just click here to contact us by email or click on the link below:

Click Here to Register.


To read more about the Value Prop Interactive program, click here to visit our Value Prop webpage. 


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Keeping Good Employees: An Employee Retention Workshop

Hiring employees is just the beginning to creating a strong workforce. You also have to keep them! 


High employee turnover is extremely costly in time and productivity.  For many companies, the ability to attract and retain talented employees is the single-most important challenge they face.


Studies show that the total cost of losing an employee can range from tens of thousands of dollars up to 2X their annual salary.


Join us for this two hour workshop where you will receive information on some of the major causes of turnover and tactics to help retain your talent base.


This important overview on Employee Retention is being offered as part of CITEC's Taste Test seminar series, a series of introductory seminars designed to help North Country companies understand how to improve their operations by providing a taste to business leaders on important program topics.



The cost to attend is just $45 for your first registrant and $25 for any colleagues you would like to bring with you. 

To register, simply click on the session you wish to attend:


Tuesday, March 3
Register by: February 27th


Wednesday, March 11

Register by: March 6 


Thursday, March 12
Register by: March 6 

Each session begins with attendee check-in from 1:30 to 2:00 PM, followed by the workshop from 2:00 to 4:00 PM. Refreshments will be provided.


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Lean White Belt Certification

2015 Series Begins March 31 ... Click to Register Now!

This unique certification course provides intensive exposure to the principles and practices needed to grow and sustain a Lean Enterprise.

Participants learn key Lean topics during a series of 10 full-day workshops, bring those topics back to your facility to share with others and complete small implementation assignments. CITEC's Lean Coaches provide support for participants and help them focus the Lean lessons on a specific area of opportunity at your facility for bigger impacts.

Taking over where single-day or week-long training leaves off, completion of this Lean White Belt certification program means participants will be able to:

  • Understand all key Lean concepts and share that knowledge with others; and,

  • Realize improvements for your organization by applying Lean at the cell-level.

The opportunity for real change at your company is only realized when you develop a foundation for Lean that includes knowledgeable Lean champions who understand the tools, can share their understanding with others and can assist with Lean implementation initiatives. Don’t miss this important opportunity for developing the foundational knowledge of lean your company needs to realize real improvements!

Program Schedule / Topics:

Full-day workshops cover several key Lean topics at each session, with classes scheduled about every three weeks so that participants can learn the concepts in class and have time between sessions to complete assignments.  Our coaches and your managers help to make sure the attendees complete the assignments and realize impacts for your organization.

Topics Include:

Tuesday / Watertown Series

Wednesday / Plattsburgh Series

Lean 101: Principles of Lean; Value Stream Mapping (Current State)

March 31

April 1

Value Stream Mapping (Future State); Project Ranking & Implementation

April 21

April 22

Hoshin Planning; Kaizen Events

May 12

May 13

5S; Visual Controls

June 2

June 3

1-Piece Flow Cells; Standard Work

June 23

June 24

Visual Pull: Kanbans & Supermarkets; Lean Materials Handling; Material Flow

July 14

July 15

Cell Teams; Workforce Flexibility; Introduction to TWI: Training Within Industry

August 4

August 5

Set-Up Reduction / Quick Changeover; Level Production (Heijunka)

September 1

September 2

Zero-Defect Quality (Mistake Proof, Fail Safe); TPM: Total Productive Maintenance

September 22

September 23

Zero Waste Culture (Cell or Work Center); Change / Transition Management; Lean Leadership

October 13

October 14

Final schedule and program locations will be determined based on registrations. Participants are required to attend and be active participants at all sessions, as well as complete their in-plant assignments in order to be considered and certified in the Lean White Belt program.

Additional important program notes:

  • Attendance for each session is mandatory. A limited number of in-plant make-up sessions may be provided for an additional fee.

  • Companies are still responsible for the full training costs should participants withdraw during the series. Refunds are not provided once the course has started; however, companies may send replacement candidates should a participant need to withdraw.


Registration Details:

2015 LWB Certification Registration fee is $2,995/person … Save $125/person when you send two or more participants to any of the 2015 Lean certification programs: Just $2,870/person for this 10 day, 20+ topic series!

Though there is no program that is comparable to this learn-share-implement certification series, it would cost your company more than $7,500 PLUS travel to attend all of the training covered by this series!

Registration fee includes 10 full-day training sessions, session materials (print and digital copies) and catering (breakfast, lunch and breaks).

Ensure your company’s participation in this popular certification series and get priority scheduling for complimentary Kaizens* by registering early. Deadline to register for the 2015 program is Friday, March 13.

*Special offers include:

  • Complimentary Kaizen when you send three or more participants to CITEC’s 2015 Lean certification training. Kaizens must be scheduled for completion during or within 60 days after completion of the 2015 certification series with the involvement of your LWB participants. That helps to ensure that they deepen their knowledge by applying what they are learning in the classroom; and, your company realizes a return on the investment you’ve made in the training.

  • Registration savings of $125/person when you send two or more participants to CITEC’s 2015 Lean certification training.


Want to know how to bring this training onsite for eight or more attendees at your company? Click here to contact us.

[Click to Register Now]      [Download Course PDF To Share]


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Lean Green Belt Certification

CITEC is proud to offer the Lean Green Belt Certification Program to qualified candidates and companies in Northern New York. This is a highly interactive program during which the participants become the teachers and implement change with a required Major Kaizen project in their own Value Stream (or facility).

A limited number of spaces are available for a 2015 Watertown-area Lean Green Belt program. To register your interest in attending, click to request a place in our LGB 2015 Program.

[Download Course PDF To Share]


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Cybersecurity: What Northern New York Businesses Should Know

Presented in partnership with TwinState Technologies®, this 45-minute webinar offers an introduction to the types of cyber attacks that are out there -- preying on firms, just like yours -- and what you can do to protect your customers, your staff and your business.

You've probably heard about the security breaches that cost megastores Target and Home Depot millions of dollars; but, did you realize that big businesses aren't the only ones on these criminals’ radars?  Small businesses are increasingly being hit by cyberattacks -- quite frankly, it's because they are much easier targets.

Click here to download the "You're Not As Safe As You Think" infographic.

Twinstate Technologies and CITEC Business Solutions have teamed up to make sure our North Country firms understand what they can do to protect their businesses. With the numbers of cyberattacks on small firms continuing to grow, we don't want your business to be one of the statistics: 60% of small businesses fail within 6 months of a cyberattack.

A recording of this webinar is available (click on the image below):


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ExporTech™ [click for details] - currently accepting company enrollments for this export acceleration system for achieving profitable growth.


A full refund is available for cancellations made at least 10 business days in advance of the start of the event / workshop / training series. Within 10 business days, only substitutions will be accepted. No-shows will be charged the full seminar registration fee.



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