Basic Supervisory Skills

CITEC is pleased to provide the training your employees need to become more effective supervisory leaders for your organization from employees who are brand new to the role or those who have been supervising others for years and are ready to take on more of a leadership role in managing others.

To achieve certification, participants complete all eight (8) modules included for each certification level -- New Supervisor, Basic Supervisory Skills, Intermediate and Advanced.

Attendees start at the most appropriate certification level based on prior experience and training. In addition, each of the modules are also offered as stand-alone workshops.


Basic Supervisory Skills Certification Program (BSSC)

Supervisory leadership roles are much more complex today and the expectations for getting results through others is more critical than ever. The Basic Supervisory Skills Certification Program will deliver the foundational tools necessary to build confidence and know-how in your supervisory leaders so they can get more positive and greater results.


For more information on CITEC's Supervisory Skills Certificate Program, please contact Debi Pettit.

CLICK HERE for a PDF of this information to share with others who may be interested in registering for this valuable program.


Why CITEC's Supervisor Certification Programs Work:

The content for CITEC's supervisor certification courses have been developed by our experts based on research, training needs assessments from a wide range of firms, and decades of experience in HR and delivering employee training.

    • This is not cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf program
    • Designed using adult learning theory
    • Delivered in public sessions and “in-house” for companies with excellent feedback and results -- most schedule additional training levels


Key Program Benefits:

  • Teaches practical skills and tools vs. theory that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

  • Courses designed using PDCA concept. Participants use real life case studies during sessions to relate the skill back to how they can use it. Homework requires attendees to use the skills taught with their team, then share their results at the next session for further coaching.


CITEC is a not-for-profit business consulting organization driven by a mission to help the small- and medium-sized enterprises in northern New York to thrive. The depth of our consulting team's expertise and an unbeatable nationwide network of resources will deliver the impacts your business needs to grow strategically, improve profitability, and create the competitive advantages you need.

We have proven results. Our clients are surveyed by an independent third party upon project completion and have reported amazing impacts to their businesses because of our assistance. On average, working with CITEC provides a return of $71 for every $1 of project cost.


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