Leadership Development Series

Leadership Series: Level I
Essential Leadership Skills

Leadership roles are much more complex today and the expectations for getting results through others is more critical than ever. This training process will deliver the foundational tools necessary to build confidence and know-how in your supervisory leaders so they can get more positive and greater results.

Learning Objectives:

      1. Define requirements for particular tasks
      2. Set expectations for your staff
      3. Set SMART goals for yourself
      4. Help your staff set SMART goals
      5. Assign work and delegate appropriately
      6. Provide effective, appropriate feedback to your staff
      7. Manage your time more efficiently
      8. Help your team resolve conflicts
      9. Understand how to manage effectively in particular situations
      10. Understand what a new supervisor needs to do to get started on the right path

Who Should Attend:
New supervisors with less than one year of experience or those projected to be promoted to supervisory positions

1 day, 8 hours


Leadership Series: Level II
Advanced Supervisory Leadership Skills

Because successful supervisory leadership is dependent on the willingness of others to follow, understanding oneself is paramount to understanding and influencing others to achieve desired workplace results. This training process will enable supervisory leaders to integrate the foundational tools acquired in Level I to successfully reduce conflict and tension, motivate employees to higher levels of performance, and to effectively manage expectations.

Learning Objectives:

      1. Understand effective communication and its role in problem prevention
      2. Assess your communication style and its impact on others
      3. Learn how to meet the needs and expectations of others
      4. Practice strategies for reducing conflict and tension in the workplace
      5. Acquire tools for activating the leadership triad
      6. Learn how to create a motivating work climate
      7. Assess strategies for improving individual and group performance
      8. Understand your personality type and the link to the success pyramid

Who Should Attend:
Supervisors with more than one year of experience and/or who have completed Level I Basic Supervisory Leadership Skills

1 day, 8 hours


Leadership Series: Level III
Leadership Flexibility

To be truly effective, supervisory leaders must be able to adjust their leadership style to meet varying work situations as they occur. This training process will enable supervisory leaders to become adept at diagnosing the needs of workers at any given time and then applying the leadership style most effective for the situation.

Learning Objectives:

      1. Understand leadership flexibility and how to make it work for you
      2. Learn the three skills necessary for successful leadership flexibility
      3. Assess your leadership flexibility skills
      4. Acquiring the first skill: Diagnosis
      5. Learning the second skill: Flexibility
      6. Integrating the third skill: Contracting for leadership
      7. Matching your leadership style to your employees' development levels

Who Should Attend:
Experienced supervisors who want to enhance their supervisory acumen and develop their people

1 day, 8 hours


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