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A Lean Black Belt (LBB) is a full time resource for his or her organization, leading lean projects and transformation, while building and promoting a strong lean culture.

To receive LBB certification a person must show evidence of working as a lean leader for a minimum of five years, must demonstrate competency on ten performance dimensions, and provide the necessary documentation. Your CITEC Lean Coach will meet with you and review the requirements and your application.


Performance Dimensions

  1. Lean Methods: applies a robust portfolio of lean tools, processes, principles and methodology
  2. Change Agent: responsible for documented in-plant changes
  3. Transformation: building lean culture within the organization
  4. Project Leadership: leads 4-12 lean projects per year
  5. Teamwork: understands how to facilitate a team to implement continuous improvement initiatives.
  6. Management Advisor: engages with management to ensure lean initiatives move up and down the chain of command
  7. Knowledge Transfer: builds lean capability in others through workshops, papers, and direct training or consulting
  8. Quantitative Results: returns ten times his/her salary in value to the company each year
  9. Technical Communications: writes, circulates and compiles technical papers and in-plant reports on lean and lean initiatives
  10. Self-improvement: continuously improves him/herself by attending Lean seminars, readings, benchmarking others, participating in webinars and/or memberships in professional organizations (SME, AME, ASQ...)



To apply for black belt certification a candidate must prepare and submit the following:

  1. Prior lean certifications (Green Belt, White Belt, ASQ Certifications, company certifications...)
  2. A Lean Black Belt Self Assessment along with documentation to back up your claims. Contact Steve Lockwood for a copy of the assessment. lockwood@citec.org or 315-777-0556



$ 600


If you are ready to pursue your Lean Black Belt Certification, please contact Steve Lockwood.

lockwood@citec.org or 315-777-0556



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