Lean Government

While applying Lean to government may seem like a new idea, several state environmental agencies and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have actually been achieving significant results using Lean methods since 2003.

Numerous other federal, state, and local government agencies have also turned to Lean to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and transparency of government programs and services. Government agencies are using Lean methods to advance their mission in better, faster and less expensive ways.

Working with government agencies, CITEC’s activities are organized around three key areas: introduction to Lean; Lean implementation events (Kaizens); and, coaching to sustain and build upon the success of Lean activities to realize more improvements in more areas of the agency.

We believe that any organization’s opportunities for true results requires three things:

  • A workforce that understands Lean: accomplished with Introduction to Lean Workshops.
  • A leader or leadership team that champions Lean: achieved by being an engaged participant in Lean training, coaching and/or Lean Leadership / Change management workshops.
  • A culture of empowerment.

We identify the best opportunities to launch your Lean efforts to ensure that initial time and resource investments in Lean are highly successful. As some agencies are painfully aware, one or two poorly planned and executed Lean events can sour the agency on Lean and undo past progress. Conversely, a few well-executed Lean events can transform how agency personnel think about what is possible to achieve in terms of excellence in government.

Using that initial focus area, CITEC conducts introductory training on Lean, works with you to identify team members, facilitates Current State and Future State Value Stream Mapping, guides team members to determine and prioritize improvement projects, then trains them in the principles of Kaizen Improvement projects and coaches them through completion of improvement projects.

Whether we are working with a government agency, a hospital or a manufacturer, we know that your employees are the most important resource for making the Lean changes that will make a difference in every organization. We just provide them with the tools and guidance to best use them to make the changes that will improve your organization.

For example, one of CITEC’s clients was a billing department within a county agency. With the support of their department head, the desire of the county to provide improved services without increasing costs, the team of employees was able to identify and complete projects with CITEC’s guidance that resulted in tremendously improved cash flow, reduce paperwork and employee satisfaction was dramatically improved. Best result: other employees and departments asked to be next.

Benefits to your organization:

  • improve cash flow,
  • decreased paperwork,
  • more clients served,
  • improved customer satisfaction,
  • lower costs,
  • increased employee satisfaction.


To get started, contact our Lean Team or check our Training & Events page for upcoming "Lean Beyond Manufacturing" full-day workshops. If a public session is not currently scheduled or convenient, we can also provide this training at your facility -- contact us to make arrangements.



CITEC is a not-for-profit business consulting organization driven by a mission to help the small- and medium-sized enterprises in northern New York to thrive. The depth of our consulting team's expertise and an unbeatable nationwide network of resources will deliver the impacts your business needs to grow strategically, improve profitability, and create the competitive advantages you need.

We have proven results. Our clients are surveyed by an independent third party upon project completion and have reported amazing impacts to their businesses because of our assistance. On average, working with CITEC provides a return of $71 for every $1 of project cost.


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