Lean Six Sigma

Many businesses are aware of Six Sigma, the powerful business management approach widely credited to Motorola in the 80’s, and of GE’s expanded use and tremendous success in the 90’s. With the inclusion of methods, tools and project management framework to create and improve processes, many business professionals felt they had arrived at continuous improvement nirvana.

Additionally, most businesses are familiar with Lean manufacturing with its focus on customer value, clear identification of 8 wastes (muda), and relentless pursuit of ever increasing value. It has provided many companies with millions of dollars in savings, increased productivity and huge gains in capacity.

While there are a number of business and quality professionals that see these two as competing methodologies, Lean and Six Sigma have been successfully integrated and are proving that the result is truly greater than the sum of the parts.

By integrating Lean Manufacturing’s team-based, Kaizen Events and Six Sigma’s DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) process to address variance within a process, organizations of all types are realizing dramatic, sustainable improvements that impact their business' bottom line.


Lean Six Sigma certification

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The Lean Six Sigma Certification Program offers a unique combination of classroom sessions, mentoring and training projects to accelerate basic Lean Six Sigma skills acquisition. Participants will learn by doing in this hands-on program.

Course Description

This is a highly interactive program during which the participants learn the basic concepts then apply them to implement change with a required project in their own Department, Work Area or Value Stream. Drawing on the basic knowledge participants will have acquired during the classroom sessions, candidates will prepare and facilitate an event or project in a supportive environment that provides the guidance they need to become successful.

Note: This course requires candidates to have attended CITEC's Lean White Belt certification series or Lean Foundations program, or equivalent training / experience.

Classroom Topics (8 days plus pre-work), include:

  • Six Sigma and organizational goals
  • Define ? Process management and team dynamics
  • Measure ? Process analysis and documentation using statistics to define process capability
  • Analyze ? Data analysis and hypothesis testing
  • Improve ? Design of Experiments (DOE) and Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Control - Implement and validate solutions and incorporate controls to maintain the results.

Project Topics:

Develop a project charter using a department Level Value Stream Mapping: Current State & Future State (including action plan follow up, metrics, control plan)

  • Collect Voice of the Customer, create communication plan, select team, and launch project.
  • Create a data collection plan and validate measurement systems
  • Define process capability and identify root causes of variation
  • Identify alternative solutions, develop models and validate solutions
  • Develop implementation and control / response plan, develop training and standard work
  • Transition project to process owner
  • Other as agreed to by participant and coach



The Lean Six Sigma certification program is being offered to manufacturing firms located in the North Country region of New York State for $2,495 per person. (Contact us for costs to offer this program at your facility for 8 - 12 attendees.)

To learn more and register your interest for the Lean Six Sigma certification program, contact:

Rob Oram, Business Development Director

Who Should Attend

The Lean Six Sigma Certification Program is specifically designed to develop the essential skills needed to lead small scale improvement efforts and to support more complex Black Belt Lean Six Sigma projects.?Anyone interested in acquiring a basic understanding of how to apply LSS in their organization is encouraged to attend.

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