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For companies with limited or no product development resources, CITEC can connect you with the expertise your company needs for:

  • manufacturing feasibility,

  • rapid prototyping,

  • technology transfer,

  • product design assistance and more!

In addition, if you need an experienced project manager to help your small company, we can assemble support teams that provide idea filtering and feasibility analysis, continuing through to industrial and product design and initial product launch.


Center for Advanced Materials Processing

Clarkson University

The Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) at Clarkson University is dedicated to developing Clarkson's research and educational programs in high-technology materials processing and is focused on industrial concerns and meeting industrial needs. CAMP's mandate is to develop innovations in advanced materials processing and to transfer this technology to business and industry. The Center is built on Clarkson's recognized expertise in colloid and surface science and fine particle technology. It receives support from the New York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation for research and operating expenses as one of 15 Centers for Advanced Technology (CATs). In addition, CAMP-related work receives several million dollars each year from the federal government and private industry.

Colloid and Surface Science

CAMP materials research efforts are centered on the production, modification and conversion of matter for which "small" particles, colloidal media and/or surfaces play an important role in the processing and/or properties of the final product.

Technology Transfer

CAMP facilitates materials-related research collaborations with industry and effective dissemination of the research results.


The Cornell Center for Materials Research - Industrial Partnerships Program

Cornell University

The mission of the CCMR’s Industrial Partnerships Program is to promote active cooperation between the CCMR and industry, to foster technology transfer, strengthen the links between university-based research and its application, and promote economic development.

The benefits for companies working with CCMR:

  • Access expertise, equipment and services that companies do not have in-house
  • Address and solve short-term and long-term materials problems
  • Develop new products and enter new markets
  • Gain a competitive advantage:
    - By use of alternate or novel materials
    - Through product differentiation
    - On cost through process improvement
  • Access innovation

CITEC can connect you to the resources of CCMR based on specific research needs, or as part of The CCMR JumpStart Program. This program offers small New York State businesses an opportunity to resolve problems related to materials. The CCMR JumpStart Program is offered as one-semester projects, utilizing university expertise, with matching NYSTAR funding for participating companies. To learn about current JumpStart project opportunities, click here.

In addition to the above programs, CITEC is well-connected throughout the North Country region, New York State and the U.S. as part of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership program. If you have a research need that you can not address with internal resources, just call us and we will help get you connected to the research expertise you need.


CITEC is a not-for-profit business consulting organization driven by a mission to help the small- and medium-sized enterprises in northern New York to thrive. The depth of our consulting team's expertise and an unbeatable nationwide network of resources will deliver the impacts your business needs to grow strategically, improve profitability, and create the competitive advantages you need.

We have proven results. Our clients are surveyed by an independent third party upon project completion and have reported amazing impacts to their businesses because of our assistance. On average, working with CITEC provides a return of $71 for every $1 of project cost.


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